voynich status

Here’s where I stand regarding the Voynich Manuscript.

Genuine meaningful text, or meaningless flashy thing? Genuine, with several later alterations and coloring.

Original or copy? Probably a copy of an earlier original text. I’ve evolved, and now think it’s an original text.

Cypher, abreviations, or original alphabet? Abreviations (latin) with some extra alchemical symbols.

Author? No idea, but clearly several authors/copists.  If the marginalia on f116v was indeed made by the main copist, then this looks like a German handwritting.

When and where? Approx 1420 for the copy. No idea about the original text, but probably from Northern  Italy, as Ghibelline symbolism is manifest.  I’m leaning more and more towards an origin around Lake Constance, could well be from Switzerland.

Type of contents? Alchemical/medicinal text.

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