New page for references

I’ve added a new page to list websites where one can find digitised manuscripts of the same era as that of the VM.


Blog start

This blog will be used to record some thoughts on the Voynich Manuscript.

Feel free to comment!  Although I must mention that I will adopt a quite strict policy regarding comments: only those which are polite and reasonable will be published.

I don’t know how often I’ll add new posts, but what’s for sure is that I’ll be very careful to distinguish facts from interpretations.  So I’ll use three categories of posts: fact ; interpretation ; bibliography.

I expect the posts of the type “fact” and “bibliography” to be extremely short, basically recording a single observation or reference, while the “interpretation” ones will be longer and build on the others.

I will also have a status page listing where I currently stand on a few topics, which I guess will be updated from time to time.