Crossbow types in the 1458 Schützenfest in Constance

An article on the german wikipedia (google translation in english) describes the importance of shooting constests in the establishment of the Swiss will nation. It illustrates it with a picture of a 1458 contest in Constance (f126 from S 23 at which depicts crowssbows of the exact type as the one in the VM (i.e. with a round stirup in particular) :

Comparing this to the known examples of Sagittarius-with-crossbow identified by Zandbergen and by Worley, or by Petersen (first article, second article) it seems to be among the closest matches.

Here is f73v of the VM suitably rotated for comparison :

Now, this manuscript is a chronicle written in Lucerne in 1513, so not too far from Constance and about 55 years later. It is not clear whether it depicts crossbows of 1458 Constance or 1513 Lucerne. But, given my previous article on a vellum type from Lucerne, it is yet another clue in favor of that part of Switzerland, and adds a little bit more to the background for the current searches over at Pelling’s blog.

On the other hand, the type of clothing doesn’t match that the VM : it is unclear whether this due to a simple change of fashion over a few decades, or something more critical.


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