Vellum repairs in Luzern, Staatsarchiv, COD 1080

Until recently, as mentioned here, I had not found a manuscript with vellum repairs comparable to those of the VM, and had only found sort of a similar repair on the last folio of a XIIth century manuscript.

But now, here is at last a manuscript with very similar repairs than those in the VM, both in terms of appearance and frequency, and (more importantly still) era. It is a 1433 manuscript from Lucerne in Switerland : COD 1080 (added only in 2017 to Browsing it in thumbnail mode makes the frequency manifest. Here are two typical repairs (zoom-in on f1r, and zoom-out on f47r) :

In many of them the sewing thread is still present (and doubled, hence the larger holes than most vellum repairs I had seen so far). One can clearly see a very convincing match with the VM. Note additionally how the bigger round holes also have sewing holes around them like in the VM. For comparison here is one from f28r of the VM :

and the repair from f89r :

So while I’m not going to conclude that the VM has exactly the same origin, it is reassuring to finally find a good match in terms of appearance and era (which makes it a prime target for any DNA comparison).

Lucerne is located in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, so this is consistent with the german words in the marginalia on f116v (and a similar-looking marginalia produced in St-Gallen mentioned a while ago).  It is not too far from the lake Constance area were good matches in terms of clothing, of Saggitarius-with-crossbow, of castles with swallowtail merlons, have been found.  As for the later additions on the VM, recall also that the nice VM-looking primus I had identified earlier comes from a nearby region, and that some french-speaking Swiss person could easily have come from the area and written the months names later on.

So overall I am definitely leaning towards this area of Switzerland to south Germany.


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