Extra letters on f75v

This is something that has already been noticed, but doesn’t appear to have been discussed thoroughly:

Fact: there are extra letters at the end of the first five lines.

Interpretation: it seems to me they have been written vertically, because there are 6 letters for 5 lines. So it could have a particuler meaning (signature, or cypher key,… well something).

And one more thing I notice is that it is clear there have been a second layer of ink (emendations) from time to time on that page.

But what I can’t quite figure out is if these vertical letters, which do appear darker like other emendations, were there originally, or have been purely and simply added out of the blue (I would think they were there too).    Here is a zoom:




2 Responses to Extra letters on f75v

  1. “Anathema”?

    Musical notation?

    inscribed by the copyists’ kind of person, but not necessarily included in the original matter which was being copied or traced, I think.

  2. This extra column of letters is new to me; thanks for pointing it out.

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