Irregular gallows part 2

This is a sequel to the earlier post on that topic, I’m adding here a few more that I had not mentionned yet.  Detailled logical analysis to follow in the coming weeks, hopefully.

f8r (first appearance of a “long double-loop type gallow accross other symbols”, beginning of last paragraph):

f8v (second such long gallow, beginning of first paragraph) :

f17r short gallow (seems added on top of a letter ‘u’ or a number ’11’) :

f30v (third long gallow, beginning of first paragraph) :

f35r (fourth, more elongated, long gallow, again beginning of first paragraph) :

f42r (fith long gallow, more extreme with an extra loop, beginning of first paragraph, curvy smaller line on the first leg seems to be a later addition with a different ink) :

f42v (highly decorated gallow with extra loop, could be a clue to the state of mind of the writer and thus the nature of the previous long gallow on f42r) :

f56r (sixth long gallow, very tidy, beginning of first paragraph — note: the seventh long gallow is quite far away: it’s the one on f90v already mentionned in the previuous blog post) :

f76v (beginning of a line, next to a nymph) :

f79r (yet another appearance of this type of “twisted” gallow: error recovered, or normal variant, or other rarer gallow ?) :

f84r (a twisted type of a diffent gallow, the single-loop one) :

f86v6   :

f87v (curious two-in-one):

f95v1 (long with extra loop) :

That’s it, most of the unsual ones have been mentionned, time to work out consistent ideas now.


2 Responses to Irregular gallows part 2

  1. nickpelling says:

    f87v seems easy: it was supposed to be a long gallows but the scribe forgot until halfway through, and so corrected with an extra loop.

    f95v1 seems easy too: the scribe twirled the first right loop 0.5cm short of where it was supposed to be twirled, and so corrected with an extra loop.

    • Thomas Sauvaget says:

      For f95v1 that’s a tempting idea, and would imply any inner loop in a long gallow is purely decorative.

      As for f87v, I’m not so sure. Either the gallow started with the long part, or it started with the upper set of loops (to make a normal, if tall, EVA-p.) Your idea ‘forgot’ is rather drastic: it would imply the author started with the long part, wanted to make a second word with a leg to finish the long gallow as an EVA-t, but wrote something else instead, and realizing this he went back to the first leg, ending up with an EVA-p.

      So it would imply that the two legs must be read separately, i.e. that the EVA interpretation is wrong and that EVA-t is nothing else than two EVA-p linked together (and so presumably EVA-k is two EVA-f linked together, too). And that it sometimes happens over several other symbols like in our case. I’m not against that (and in fact thought about it too). But then, to fully explain f87v, why did the author add an extra set of p-like loops above the long one, since the long one looked just like the EVA-p he meant?

      Another idea would be that it was a tall EVA-p at the start, then the writer messed up by adding an extra curvy bit (or maybe the right part of the loop above the EVA-d), and then felt reluctantly compelled to finish it as a second set of p loops (that would explain why the long loop seems to have been drawn very quickly in a kind of “unhappy recovery mode”).

      Anyway, the correct interpretation should be compatible with the rest of the text, so it’s all about looking at more clues, I’d think.

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