New page for references

I’ve added a new page to list websites where one can find digitised manuscripts of the same era as that of the VM.


4 Responses to New page for references

  1. Have you considered the marked deterioration in the handwriting? If so, would you share any views you might have about that.

    • Thomas Sauvaget says:

      No I haven’t yet, but the variation in the handwriting is certainly something interesting that I would like to discuss later on.

      What also is puzzling is how unremarkable the end of f116r (i.e. the end of the whole text) actually is: no nice drawing, no evident signature or closing mark. In fact the last paragraph does not even have a nice gallow, and starts with the rare ‘o4o’ sequence of symbols.

      • I seem to remember reading a comment by one of the people who’d know – Nick, or Rene perhaps – that fol.116r was not originally the final folio. But there’s no particular reason that a florilegium – a kind of scrapbook – would have an intended final page.

      • I think – can’t give the reference – that Nick Pelling has pointed out that our last page probably wasn’t, originally.

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