A remark on ‘4o’

Fact 1: The pair of symbols ‘4o’ does not appear on f1r, its first occurence is on f1v (and it appears only once there).

Fact 2: that first occurence seems to have an overline, as seen here:

Interpretation: That overline seems original, neither a later emendation nor a pen accident. If so, that may mean that ‘4o’ is an abbreviation of a word or even of a whole expression (see e.g. Cappelli’s book on page 14 for examples, but not with ‘4o’), and that the author chose to drop the overline from then on.

Fact 3: The subsequent occurences are on f2r, there are four of them. The first three have nothing particular to them:

But the fourth one has a strange accent: an instinctive stroke of the writer with the same meaning as an overline, or something else? The ‘o’ is also not well closed, bizarre.

On subsequent pages it appears several times without anything unusual.


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