f73r: lizard vs scorpio

Interpretation: On f73r what should be a scorpion really looks more like a lizard.

Fact: in this book on the Zodiac, written by several Israeli scholars, it is said that “Inhabitants of northern Europe, who had never seen a scorpion, often depicted the sign as a lizard or a turtle.”

Interpretation: so together with the fact that some marginalia on f116r appear to be in German, and adding what has been said about the typically German aspects of sagittarius’ clothes and crossbow (on the blogs of Vogt and of Pelling),  a German/Austrian/Swiss origin appears to me much more likely than an Italian or a southern french one (where scorpions certainly abound in the countryside).

I do not think this is a deliberate way of obfuscating things, just plain ignorance of what a scorpion looks like.  And  crayfishes rather than crabs on f72r3 would also fit well with a German origin: namely those found in the Rhine (Astacus Astacus). And one also could find swallowtail merlons towards 1420 in Switzerland at least (namely at Château Saint-Maire in Lausanne) perhaps in Germany too.


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