Blog start

This blog will be used to record some thoughts on the Voynich Manuscript.

Feel free to comment!  Although I must mention that I will adopt a quite strict policy regarding comments: only those which are polite and reasonable will be published.

I don’t know how often I’ll add new posts, but what’s for sure is that I’ll be very careful to distinguish facts from interpretations.  So I’ll use three categories of posts: fact ; interpretation ; bibliography.

I expect the posts of the type “fact” and “bibliography” to be extremely short, basically recording a single observation or reference, while the “interpretation” ones will be longer and build on the others.

I will also have a status page listing where I currently stand on a few topics, which I guess will be updated from time to time.


3 Responses to Blog start

  1. Reed Johnson says:

    This is a truly excellent blog. I’m not sure who’s behind it, but kudos for the intelligent and highly observant series of posts. Look forward to reading more.

    • Thomas Sauvaget says:

      Thank you. Yes, I will add more observations later on, from time to time.

      Just had a look at your comparisons with indian astrology: some parallels are interesting, this might have been indeed among the things the author of the VM took inspiration from.

  2. Reed Johnson says:

    Thanks, Thomas. Although I should that I probably should have also taken down that post, since subsequent observations have called into doubt some of these comparisons. (For instance, Capricorn/makara). However, I’m still intrigued by the comparison with the VMs ‘light’ and ‘dark’ zodiac signs, and the Indian equivalent, where the sign is broken into a light half and a dark half, each composed of fifteen lunar days, each of which are in turn associated with a star and a female goddess–not all that dissimilar from the fifteen star-holding divas in each of the light/dark VMs signs. Speaking of signs, the question you raised about the VMs zodiac beginning with Pisces is an interesting one; traditionally the year began with the vernal equinox, which according to the sidereal (Indian) zodiac I believe would have occurred squarely in Pisces. I’d love to pursue some of these questions further (for instance, what is the origin of the image of the woman half-swallowed by a fish?) but don’t really have the time. So good luck and godspeed :).

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